Eragon (the book) – A review

Eragon is the story of a boy about to turn a man who becomes a dragon rider, without any desire to do so. In the process, he discovers much about himself, and the kingdom that he lives in.

The story is true fantasy, set in a make-believe world of dragons and elves and dwarves, along with men and were-cats and witches. All the stuff of a magic place. There’s evil magic as well – shades, and an evil rider who rules the empire with an iron fist.

The book ends on a positive note, with Eragon discovering much about his capabilities and character, but clearly with much yet to learn, and a lot of fighting yet to free the empire of tyranny.

Nikki and I both enjoyed this story a lot, as did our son. Haven’t seen the movie, although our son thought so poorly of it that he walked out of the theater, so I wouldn’t see the movie, especially if you’ve read the book.

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