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Space Property Rights and The Western Frontier

Jonathan Card has an article in The Space Review discussing space property rights and the frontier. He makes the valid point that the biggest issue space colonists will have to deal with are not rogue nations going to war, but … Continue reading

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Space Based Solar Power

Taylor Dinerman has an article on the issue of space-based solar power in The Space Review, and the problem of low cost access to orbit. For the economics of space-based solar power to work out, you need low cost access, … Continue reading

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Transformers -A Movie Review

This 2007 version of the Transformers is a real kick. The same old characters from the original series all show up, here on earth. They’ve destroyed their home world in the unending war between the good Autobots and the evil … Continue reading

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Eragon (the book) – A review

Eragon is the story of a boy about to turn a man who becomes a dragon rider, without any desire to do so. In the process, he discovers much about himself, and the kingdom that he lives in. The story … Continue reading

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Finally back!

In case you wondered where things went. Well, I decided to move to a new hosting service, Hostgator, as they have an excellent reputation and significantly cheaper than the old service, Christian Web Hosts. The switch-over has been more trouble … Continue reading

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