What’s the best direction?

Been debating direction for future development efforts. I love the iPhone, and it’s getting a lot of press these days. Seems everyone wants development done on it, so there’s plenty of opportunity on it to make money doing development.

At the same time, I really like what I see coming with Android. It offers a totally open platform, where the developer is in control, not some third party company, such as Apple (with the iPhone). Since my current Verizon contract lasts into September, I can’t really change providers and get a different plan anyway.

Similarly, I heard an interesting discussion on an older MacRoundTable podcast discussing shareware on the Mac. They discussed how pleasantly surprised they were to find the really great applications on the Mac that do one thing, and do it really well. That caught my attention, as that’s the great feature of Unix/Linux applications as well, the Unix legacy applications do one thing, and do it really well. On top of that, they typically use text for input and output, making it easy to pipeline a number of simple applications together to do a complex task. Interestingly, I heard Joel Spoelsky discussing things on a stackoverflow podcast the other day, where he thought that Unix applications got this wrong, in that he seemed to think they all had different formats and didn’t work well together. I have a lot of respect for Joel, but I think he got this one wrong.

I guess the point of that last paragraph was that I’m also thinking of going with Mac Cocoa development, or maybe Java development. I’m doing Java desktop development for Boeing now, so that’s a real possibility, focusing on smaller applications that do one thing very well, much like MarsEdit, that I’m using to write this blog post.

On one final note, I’d provide trackbacks to the posts relevant to the above mentioned podcasts, but I don’t know which podcasts made the references. They aren’t in the shownotes, as far as I can tell.

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