Executable Requirements == Acceptance Tests

I’ve been building a test framework for acceptance testing the Point Inside client API. I based the concept on Fit and Fitnesse, an open source framework for just this type of testing. Since this is for the iPhone, I used the UITableView in a NavigationController to provide a hierarchical layering. I use colored text to show status.

Gray text means the test hasn’t run.

Gray text in top level nav page

Yellow text means the lower level tests had mixed results.

Yellow text in second level view

Red text means the test failed, and green text means the test passed.

Red and green text on bottom level

The actual tests need to have a lower level view that shows specific data about the test. Pressing any test cell causes the test to execute. If you select the cell in the first or second image above, the tests below that get executed.

There’s a color issue with going back up the chain. The first image is gray because I pressed the cell in the second image. Going back to the first view, the color isn’t updating.

So there is more work, but I’m going to proceed with this. In the future, when I have some time, I’m going to work on making this an open source package for others to be able to create acceptance testing of iPhone applications.

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