Sound Church

I’ve been working on the Sound Church application between interviews and phone calls since I’m no longer employed by Point Inside. The app is coming along.

I have a class, RSSDownloader, that implements the NSURLConnection protocol. It also has a delegate that handles the output, providing a bit of abstraction for the connections. When the application launches, the downloader will download the xml file from the RSS feed server and parse it. Then when the user wants to listen to a podcast, that podcast needs to be downloaded, so the RSSDownloader will be used again.

I’m currently working on the parser, which parses the xml file into the required objects. Currently it’s failing on the title of the Channel object. In the current data definition, the channel contains the data that’s part of the RSS header. It contains a list of Items, each item being a separate podcast.

I’d do a screenshot of the data model, but Xcode 4 seems to spread the model out over more than one screen, even though there’s only two entities, and I can’t seem to figure out how to move them closer together, or if it’s possible.

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