Bug in Core Data?

After a great deal of searching around and playing with alternatives, I’ve figured out that if I insert new records into the SoundChurch store one record at a time, everything works. If I allow Core Data to attempt to insert multiple records at once, it throws the error discussed in the previous post.

Could I have discovered a bug in Core Data?

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2 Responses to Bug in Core Data?

  1. Jeff says:

    Apple will probably say that it’s a feature, and you need to RTFM. 😉 If this “feature” is not documented, then you need to work on your mind-reading skills.

  2. John Ahrens says:

    Jeff, you may be right. Since Core Data has been used in lots of applications both on iOS and OS X, it would be surprising if it were a bug, but the samples seemed to indicate that it should work. I’ve seen plenty of comments about the variable quality of Apple’s code samples, though.