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Three decades of a “dying” brand

The Mac turned 30 today. TUAW here gives us seven things us Mac owners don’t have to do to celebrate.

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MacBook Pro and Apple Service

I had an opportunity to experience the famous Apple this week. Fortunately, I have AppleCare. It’s worth it. On Tuesday evening, my MacBook Pro started acting up, in that I could not get it restart. It hung for a … Continue reading

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Open vs. Closed

Mobile Venture Beat has a piece where a group of VCs discuss open vs. closed, specifically related to mobile, where I’m currently employed. I’ve also seen a number of discussions on Eric Raymond‘s blog, Armed and Dangerous, about his feelings … Continue reading

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imSimReal is a framework designed to provide physics capabilities for games and simulations. The algorithms used are based on Physics for Game Programmers. Since much of my use of this library is on the iPhone, Apple rules do not allow … Continue reading

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Why a Walled Garden is Bad

Tim O’Reilly pointed out this blog post, how a music downloading application was denied entry into the AppStore because it, “…duplicates iTunes functionality…”. Except it doesn’t duplicate anything on the iPhone. Technorati Tags: Apple, iPhone

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