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New website

If you’re here, you’ve noticed the revamping of this website, with the blog front and center. I will say more about the reasons soon. In the meantime, enjoy the new site.

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imSimReal Websites

Today we got the imSimReal website uploaded so it is now live. There are a few things left to update, including adding a link to it from the John Ahrens, LLC homepage. Most of these things will take place over … Continue reading

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Has the time for 3-D social networking finally arrived?

Since Second life seems to have lost it’s luster, I’ve not heard much of 3-D virtual worlds. Then today I saw mention of three different 3-D virtual worlds. Robert Scoble had this post on Vivaty. Michael Arrington had this post … Continue reading

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Lensgames update

Got Nikki’s Lensgames Nature photo album live now. Check it out.Technorati Tags:Photography, Lensgames

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Where’s Society Going?

Gapingvoid pointed out this blog post on Twitter. In it, Clay Shirky discusses the social sea change that we are in the midst of, and how it will affect us. He points out that some sociologists suggest that the critical … Continue reading

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At long last, the LensGames website is operational. We have animal pictures posted at this time, but none other.Technorati Tags:Photography, Lensgames

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I’ve been using Twitter recently. I’m john146 if you want to follow me. Technorati Tags: twitter

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Advice for independent developers

I did a Google search for “independent developers” and hit this set of suggestions for independent developers (just keep moving forward through the topics). Nick regularly blogs about many things, much of it has to do with Newsgator, but he … Continue reading

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Where to go for help

I’ve been playing around with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and using Google Web Toolkit Solutions by David Geary as a source. Using Netbeans 6 on the Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), on dual proc @.0 Ghz PPC PowerMac Pro, and … Continue reading

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Comments display broken

I’m using Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1 by Chris Pearson as my theme at this blog. For some reason, the comments are messed up on Firefox, either Mac or Windows. I haven’t checked Linux. How the comments look in I.E.: How … Continue reading

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