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Unstoppable Global Warming: Part 2

I noted that I’m reading Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years, here. Thought I’d point out some more facts from the beginning of the book today. Some recent climate history: 600-200 BC: Unnamed cold period that preceded the Roman Warming. … Continue reading

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Unstoppable Global Warming

I started reading this book today on the train. It’s an interesting look at the science behind our current climate conditions, rather than the political hysteria. Let’s start with some comments on the back cover of the book: “S. Fred … Continue reading

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It’s Blowing in the wind

Or maybe it’s all blowhard. Seems that wind isn’t that great energy savior that the politicians promise. But then, why should that surprise us? They are, after all, politicians. Technorati Tags: Global Warming, Weather, Energy

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Global Warming and CO2?

Arnold Kling has an interesting question on Global Warming in TCSDaily yesterday. He’s an economist, not a climate scientist, but he does understand that science is not about “consensus” but about observation, experimentation and analysis. The comments following the article … Continue reading

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I-5 Flooded

One of the guys on an RV forum I subscribe to is a truck driver and shared this picture of I-5 at Centralia, WA. . This is I-5 at exit 79 looking north. Technorati Tags: Flooding, Weather, I-5

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Amazing Ferry Photos

NetJeff has links to some amazing photos of Washington State Ferries taking a beating in a major windstorm a few weeks ago.

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