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What Democrats say about race

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Thermoelectric charger

The Unofficial Apple Website (TUAW) reviews a unique emergency charger for your devices that uses available heat sources (camp stove, fire, etc.).

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Bigelow Commercial Space Station launch simulation

A video simulation of the Bigelow inflatable habitat launching into orbit and deploying. 

via Spaceports.

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Camera falling into pigpen

This is entertaining.  A camera falling into a pigpen from an airplane.

Interesting discussion over at Transterrestrial Musings on whether it spin stabilized or not as well.

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Water on the surface of Mars?

Possible seasonable saltwater flows on Mars.

via Spaceports.

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Stars vs. grains of sand

An interesting look at the difference between the stars in the sky and grains of sand. 

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The Arroyo

Looks like it might be an interesting movie. A modern western set along the Mexican border. Available now on DVD and soon on iTunes.

Via Transterrestrial Musings.

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The Nature of Money

An excellent speech describing the value and purpose of money. Worth a read.

Via Transterrestrial Musings.

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Morpheus Completes Free Flight over Space Center

See the Morpheus Lander prototype in free flight over the Space Center. This is the fifth free flight in the series.

via Spaceports.

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Free Markets Reduce CO2 Emissions

Regardless of the extent of human caused global climate change, this is good news. 

Carbon monoxide is used as a feedstock for many chemical processes, and this makes production of it easier, and uses carbon dioxide as a starter. Win, win. Except for those who really want to remake the western economy, of course.

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