Bigelow to support crew/cargo capsule development

Hobbyspace reports on a Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine article, that quotes Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace saying:

So, rather than wait around for the launch industry to deliver, Bigelow is reluctantly entering the arena as a player. “I didn’t want to fight a two-front war,” he says. But, by the time this article is published, he expects to have announced his investment in a new space capsule. “We’re making a capital investment in the creation of a capsule for crew and cargo, one that will have a common interface that can be placed on a [Russian] Proton rocket, a human-rated Atlas, or possibly Musk’s Falcon 9,” he says. It will be a seven-person capsule, big enough to carry people to the large BA 330 stations. “We won’t be designing the capsule, but we’ll be very active investors,” he says.

Interesting turn of events there. The commentary follows two lines. Those that think that he’s wasting his money building a Dragon-like system when Dragon is already much further along; and those who think he’s making sure he has multiple launch platforms and capsules available, especially capable of using foreign launchers.

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