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Available Fusion Power?

Here’s a blog on Dr. Robert Bussard’s Fusion Power plans. Instead of the billions required to develop Tokamak fusion energy, Dr. Bussard suggests using an Inertial-Electrodynamic Fusion device. According to an article I read in Analog on his work, it … Continue reading

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Blog SPAM Update

Since writing this entry the other day, I got a response from NetJeff, suggesting I use bcspamblock. So I downloaded it and installed it on this blog, not the others, yet. I’ll see how it works. Technorati Tags: Spam

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Antarctic living like outer space living?

I’ve been thinking about living in the close environment of a permanent space colony, whether it’s an orbital station or on another planet or planet-like body. The concern lies around the issues related to people living in close quarters for … Continue reading

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It’s interesting to see how the spammers seem to pick on a single blog entry to hit with spam. For instance, I’ve been overloaded with spam on this entry. To counteract that, I’ve turned off comments and Trackbacks to that … Continue reading

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Spaceship Two Unveiled

See it here. Technorati Tags: New Space, Virgin Galactic

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It’s Blowing in the wind

Or maybe it’s all blowhard. Seems that wind isn’t that great energy savior that the politicians promise. But then, why should that surprise us? They are, after all, politicians. Technorati Tags: Global Warming, Weather, Energy

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A Question of Religion

From TCSDaily. Read the whole thing. Technorati Tags: Religion

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Macworld 2008 Keynote

See Steve Jobs at Macworld deliver his keynote. He had four major announcements: Major upgrades for the iphone and ipod touch. Time Capsule–a backup appliance that works with time machine. Video rental through iTunes and major upgrades to Apple TV … Continue reading

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This is an awesome machine!

I want one! Apple announced two new machines. The one I’m interested in is the new Mac Pro with two quad-core Intel Xeon processors. That’s 8 processors in a desktop, folks. Technorati Tags: Macintosh, OS X

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Website Update

If you come here from the front page, you’ll notice that it changed. Much simpler. That’s not the final word, but I’ve been working through the Dreamweaver training, and using more web-friendly tools than what Fireworks produces. I think Adobe’s … Continue reading

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