It’s interesting to see how the spammers seem to pick on a single blog entry to hit with spam. For instance, I’ve been overloaded with spam on this entry. To counteract that, I’ve turned off comments and Trackbacks to that entry. Still available for all the others.

I guess this is a test to see if the spammers follow this link to that other entry, and start loading up this entry with spam.

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4 Responses to Blog SPAM

  1. netjeff says:

    I use bcSpamBlock plugin with my WordPress installation. I highly recommend it. The installation is very easy, there is no “configuration”, and it’s “hidden” from users who have Javascript enables. For users who disable javascript, they have to answer a simple challenge question.

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  3. Hi, can I ask what host your using? your site loads nice and quick (unlike mine!). I’m starting to get more traffic on my blog but I need a decent host, hope you don’t mind me asking who your using, thanks. Jenny