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Computer Troubles

I ran into a problem Monday night where I couldn’t log into my Mac. I got a “SystemUIServer unexpectedly quit” message. After messing around on Tuesday evening, including deleting my ~/Libraries/Preferences/ file (as recommended on a troubleshooting website) I gave … Continue reading

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World Population

In recent issues, Analog editor Stanley Schmidt has been on a witch-hunt over overpopulation. Not sure what touched this off in his mind, but it seems that he’s bought into the Malthusian view that we are in immanent danger of … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Check out the image of it over on AhrensAdventures. Technorati Tags: Astronomy, Lunar Eclipse

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Contract Extended

Got the word today that my contract at Boeing, on the P-8A is being extended until July 3rd. So I am not looking for a new gig for a few more months. Based on the program schedule, I don’t expect … Continue reading

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What do the customers really want?

There’s been a discussion on the Lean Software Development list this weekend concerning lean in the airline industry. Much of the discussion has been around what constitutes batch size.One posting pointed out a post concerning the dirty little secret about … Continue reading

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Where to go for help

I’ve been playing around with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and using Google Web Toolkit Solutions by David Geary as a source. Using Netbeans 6 on the Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), on dual proc @.0 Ghz PPC PowerMac Pro, and … Continue reading

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Polar Bears?

TCSDaily has a report on “experts” opinions on polar bear populations. The report is well worth reading, but here are the high points: Polar bears have survived periods with much warmer temperatures than we are now experiencing or likely to … Continue reading

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Comments display broken

I’m using Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1 by Chris Pearson as my theme at this blog. For some reason, the comments are messed up on Firefox, either Mac or Windows. I haven’t checked Linux. How the comments look in I.E.: How … Continue reading

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Is our HealthCare System Evil?

Arnold Kling discusses the situation with our American Health Care System, and how government control tends to reduce quality, sometimes deliberately. He uses his father’s case as an example of how the current directions in health care are actively destructive, … Continue reading

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From the RVTravel Newsletter: Jockey Frank Hayes died from a heart attack during a race in 1923. His horse, Sweet Kiss, won the race, making Hayes the only dead jockey to win a race. Technorati Tags: Funny, Trivia

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