UML Tool for Mac?

I’m trying to find a UML tool for the Mac to do some documentation. Unfortunately, it’s turning out to be a problem.

First I attempted to use this tool. It’s open source and free. Unfortunately, I found the user interface unintuitive for my application, and it crashed pretty quickly. Like trying to add the first operation to the first class. So I’m trying to use an evaluation copy of this tool. But I’m not getting an evaluation license. I get the feeling that they don’t have an auto-responder to issue license keys, so I’m stuck waiting until they have someone in the office, probably tomorrow. Bad business decision, I’d think, when many potential users don’t live in the U.S. or U.S. timezones, and many developers need a tool sometime other than the normal M-F: 8-5 of traditional business.

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2 Responses to UML Tool for Mac?

  1. penyaskito says:

    Give a try to ArgoUML.
    It’s a mature opensource project.

  2. john says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I missed your comment in moderation–for some reason I didn’t see the email. Sorry.