Lizard Brains

Pam Slim has this post on Martha Beck’s site, dealing with the part of our brain that deals in fear. She points out how to learn to deal with fear in a healthy way, when to back off and when to press on through it.

One of the biggest fears in my life is to be found out to be a charlatan. I’m a software engineer by trade, and a pretty good one too, according to people I’ve worked with. But my degree is in Mechanical Engineering, and so there’s this uneasy feeling that I’m not going to live up to the expectations of the current, or next, client/boss.

Probably makes interviewing harder too. Could be an issue in there somewhere if I’m going to get a real business off the ground.

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One Response to Lizard Brains

  1. Pamela Slim says:

    Hi John!

    The charlatan fear is a popular lizard tune, closely related to imposter syndrome. We all know you are the real thing, so when your lizard pops up, just toss him a grape. 🙂