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Bang and Olufsen Design

37Signals posted on the way Bang and Olufsen does design. They don’t go to the office more than two or three times a month. They design with paper and cardboard in 3D and build it up little by little. Greatness … Continue reading

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Is “Creation Science” Science?

Via Phil Platt at the Bad Astronomy blog, I saw this smack down of Creationist Andy Schlafly by Richard Lenski of Michigan State University. I have in the past been squarely in the Creationist camp. I’ve seen more and more … Continue reading

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How to become a Game Designer

GameCareerGuide has an article discussing one path to becoming a game designer. If you’re interested in Game Design as a career, go read it. Technorati Tags: Game Design

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Bill Gates’ last day

Funny video spoof of Bill’s last day. Technorati Tags: Microsoft, Bill Gates

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Teleworking saves time, money, carbon footprint

Via @kiwork on Twitter, I read this press release from Sun, telling how their study of their flexible work program, they discovered that their employees on the program saved considerable money. Main points: Employees saved more than $1,700 per year … Continue reading

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What’s the best direction?

Been debating direction for future development efforts. I love the iPhone, and it’s getting a lot of press these days. Seems everyone wants development done on it, so there’s plenty of opportunity on it to make money doing development. At … Continue reading

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Should You Fire the Voicemail Guy?

Seth Godin has a great post discussing the evils of voicemail trees that actually drive customers away. In short, every CEO (and marketing manager) should call his company, including at odd hours, and go through the pain that their customers … Continue reading

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