Is “Creation Science” Science?

Via Phil Platt at the Bad Astronomy blog, I saw this smack down of Creationist Andy Schlafly by Richard Lenski of Michigan State University.

I have in the past been squarely in the Creationist camp. I’ve seen more and more evidence that evolution really works, and I’ve seen more evidence that the “Creation Scientists” play loose with the facts if they don’t fit their worldview.

So I’ve come to understand, like John Calvin, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, that the Bible doesn’t have anything to say about how or when God created, nor does science say anything about God, one way or the other.

In the meantime, it’s become apparent that many in the evangelical community would rather play the role of the Catholic Church when the church bureaucracy felt threatened by Galileo’s findings.

I’ve heard some say that religion and science are incompatible. They are wrong. Many would point out that belief in an ordered universe that obeys scientific principles is based on the Judeo-Christian belief in a rational God. Unfortunately, the Creationists are abandoning that rational God in an attempt to maintain their unfounded positions. It would be a capricious, devious God who would create a universe that appears to be something that it’s not.

In short, religion deals with questions of who and why, while science deals in questions of what and how.

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