SpaceX Launching Falcon 1 this afternoon

SpaceX is in the countdown to launch Falcon 1 launch 3 this afternoon. Currently scheduled for about 4:30 pm PDT, 23:30 UTC, they are on a hold at T-1:30 which looks like they’ll be delayed beyond that.

See the webcast

Update 3:44 pm PDT: Countdown at T-01:21:30 and counting. Liftoff expected at about 5 pm PDT, 24:00 UTC.

Update 4:08 pm PDT: T-01:00:00 and counting. Liquid Oxygen loading has begun. You can see vapor coming off the vehicle as a result.

Update 4:14 pm PDT: Countdown on hold at T-55:00. Video feed down at the moment.

Update 4:28 pm PDT: Countdown hold continues. First stage oxygen loading completed. Second stage oxygen load at 50%. Video feed is back. Occasional audio on the net.

Update 4:35 pm PDT: LOX load has completed. Hold at T-55:00 continues.

Update 4:37 pm PDT: The live webcast just started.

Update 4:52 pm PDT: Liftoff now expected at 5:55 PDT, 00:55 UTC.

Update 5:06 pm PDT: Countdown clock moving. T-49:00. fuel loading has begun.

Update 5:14 pm PDT: LOX topping started. T-41:00.

Update 5:22 pm PDT: SpaceX is using Quicktime to show some videos as part of the webcast. Quicktime crashed a few minutes ago showing a crash dialog box. How embarrasing!.

Update 5:29 pm PDT: Fuel load complete.

Update 5:58 pm PDT: 16 minutes into a hold. Don’t know why. Countdown clock under 20 minutes.

>Update 6:10 pm PDT: Looks like about another 30 minutes for this hold.

Update 6:54 pm PDT: Getting the last 3% of the helium loaded was taking longer than expected–it’s a very warm day on Omelek Island. So they detanked some of the fuel to keep it from getting too cold. The Webcast should have an update at 7 pm PDT.

Update 7:07 pm PDT: Countdown clock was reset to T-55. It’s now counting again at T-53.

Update 7:24 pm PDT: T-37:00 starting to load fuel again.

Update 7:45 pm PDT: Passed through T-16 at T-15 and counting. Expect liftoff at 8:00 pm PDT or 03:00 UTC.

Update 7:56 pm PDT: T- 4:00 Counting toward liftoff!

Update 8:02 pm PDT: Launch abort at T-1 second. Will see what the situation is and they may be able to turn the vehicle and launch within the time remaining in this launch window.

Update 8:26 pm PDT: Countdown has resumed at T-10:00. Currently at T-08:30.

Update 8:36 pm PDT: Falcon 1 Flight 3 lifted off! Now T+0:30. Trouble with the feed. Just heard something about an anomaly.But also see that it flew through T+140 seconds.

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