Got iPhones

We got ourselves iPhones for Christmas. I want to learn to do iPhone development because I see that as something that looks like a fun platform, and it could easily provide a way of working toward eliminating the need to continue to work in someone else’s office all the time on these long projects.

I’m currently working on a project where the speed of development seems to resemble a snail. The company is CMMI level 5, which seems to mean that they have more documentation than anyone should care to have. That also means that we spend a lot of time writing things down, again and again. I’ve been here since the beginning of October, and so far, I’ve not yet gotten to touch any code. 🙁

I am thankful, though. Many in the office got their walking papers a few weeks ago, due to a budget crisis within the project.

So I’m starting on a project to build a physics library suitable for games and simulation programs for the Mac and iPhone. I’ll create some simple games with it, for the Mac they’ll be demos only, with very little to suggest them except as demos of specific capabilities of the framework. On the iPhone, I intend to make some more serious games that someone might find interesting, but also demos, creating a useful portfolio to attract custom development projects.

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