Carrying Capacity

Seth Godin has an excellent post discussing the natural limits of a business, and how we need to think about those limits as we work to grow it.

One side comment in that post relates to the carrying capacity of the planet, along with a comment on population limits.

The earth has a carrying capacity, certainly. It might change as a result of technology (we know how to grow food more efficiently than we did a century ago) but in any moment of time, there’s a limit beyond which degradation kicks in. I don’t think many would say that we currently have a people shortage. (Impossible to pull off, but worth considering: what if we skipped a growth cycle in the population and everyone in a generation had just two kids? Or even one…)

China has been trying the one child per family for some time now, even using draconian measures to enforce it, and now they’re faced with the problem of not enough young people to support their aging population.

I’ve also been told that every man, woman and child on the planet could have an eighth of an acre in the state of Texas, and leave the rest of the world blank. Not suggesting that that is something to do, or that an eighth of an acre is enough to live on, but it does illustrate the real size of the population. We don’t really suffer from too many people, just too many people in some crowded areas.

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