Are You Limiting Your Hiring Choices?

Most businesses are unwilling to consider remote workers for any number of reasons, most of which are a failure of management, not a failure of remote work. 37 Signals has a good discussion over on it’s blog about the situation.

The company I work for, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) doesn’t have an explicit remote worker policy, except for jobs that require remote work, people who have to work in the field for one reason or another. However, at least here in the Seattle office, many people work remotely periodically, many times at least once a week. And a few live and work remotely, generally because someone we didn’t want to lose needed to move to another part of the country for family or health reasons.

I managed to get the kind of environment that I like, in that I have gotten the possibility of working from Arizona for at least part of the winter, when the weather in the Pacific Northwest is difficult to take, yet work work from the office the rest of the year, with some remote work. Saved my sanity, I’m convinced.

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