Inspiration Mars

This is wrong on so many levels.

When Inspiration Mars was a private venture, I thought that the concept was cool.  But now that they are looking for federal funding, not so much. It’s a stunt. From what we can see, there’s no science mission, there’s no colonization mission, there’s nothing identified for the astronauts to do while they spend the year and a half in an RV sized can, with no opportunity to go outside. The Orion capsule will be untested when launched on this mission, along with using the most expensive rocket possible.

Not to mention, the heat shield on Orion is incapable of handling the reentry from a planetary mission, radiation shielding is a major problem. The list goes on.

More on the Congressional Hearing from Alan Boyle.


Update: Transterrestrial Musings points to a scathing attack by SpaceKSC on the Desperation move to revive the SLS/Orion that this effort amounts to. 

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